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Creetion is specialized in simplifying your SAP system. By organizing the SAP system “lean” it remains manageable. Thanks to our holistic approach, we design solutions under architecture. We separate application components and connect them by means of the most appropriate integration patterns.


We know how the SAP works under the hood and can therefore determine which parts contain sufficient functionality to be deployed in the context of a business function or business process. Due to our extensive experience in numerous projects, we have knowledge of a wide range of SAP modules. From standard SAP SD to SAP Banking and from SAP Logistics to S4-Finance. But we mainly understand process orchestration and the techniques to get value from technology.

Based on the (now) traditional STI (service oriented architecture), netweaver, abap development and integration competence (such as SAP PI, SAP PO, CPI (SAP BTP platform Integration), we focus in particular on optimizing chains by shaping process control Our approach is holistic and pragmatic and focuses on an architecturally sound solution that uses standard SAP as much as possible.


In the periphery of this stable SAP core, we apply numerous technologies and integration solutions, which aim at a transparent and flexible organization of your processes.


Whether this must be done via open source solutions, SAP BTP platform or Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, our full stack developers are at home in all markets and realize responsible and modern solutions. We are therefore familiar with concepts such as Camel, Microservices, Containerization, Kubernetes and we therefore regularly apply them to get the most out of your SAP environment.

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Over the years, Creetion has developed a number of products in the context of the correct support of contractors and network operators.

In addition to our OutSystems products, Creetion also developed the following products:

  • a survey application for field service (based on GPS and sensor measurements)
  • a docker-based (containerized) cloud service for DSP messages for Grid operator, Contractors and 3th parties.
  • a workflow template (Creetion Invoice Management)

These products are maintained by Creetion and equipped with new functions based on their own roadmap. The products are licensed based on usage and / or number of users.

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