Workflow management - Creetion

Based on the SAP Business Workflow platform, Creetion offers solutions to facilitate and streamline end-to-end business processes through automation.

Save time, increase quality, and gain insights by implementing process solutions based on SAP Business Workflow. Processes flow seamlessly to the desired end, with clear actions for the user. The focus is on end-to-end processes, rather than partial processes within departments.

Think of well-defined standard processes within any organization, such as invoice processing and order approval. However, the strength lies in linking sub-processes together.

For example, consider the process of acquiring an external employee. It starts with obtaining the required expertise in the market through a request. But the process doesn’t stop there. After selecting the suitable candidate, the goal is to ensure their quick onboarding within the organization. This can include automatically continuing the process by registering the employee, documenting the purchase order, and providing options for automatic allocation/request of accounts and resources.

Creetion Template Solutions

Creetion has a team of process specialists who have been collaborating for over 10 years to provide process-based solutions. The team not only possesses the necessary technical skills but also a deep understanding of process thinking and practical experience within various processes that can occur within SAP. The effectiveness of these solutions has been proven time and again. Based on this extensive experience, template solutions have been developed that follow both technical and functional best practices.

Make optimal use of SAP’s process layer combined with a powerful user interface. Template solutions are tailored to your business processes and often transcend specific SAP modules. By working with these solutions, the various SAP modules are interconnected where applicable. For the user, this means increased familiarity and clarity, as all screens are designed in a consistent manner, enhancing the user experience and presenting tasks and follow-up steps clearly.

Basic Template

To provide immediate access to the basic functionality applicable to any process, Creetion has established a basic template. This template is conditional but provides a solid foundation. It includes generic components that offer advantages for any imaginable business process. Examples of standard components include the ability to seek advice within a given task, delegate decisions, add attachments or notes, and various logging and reporting options. This also enables the addition of new template solutions within a relatively short timeframe.

Process Templates

Process templates are based on common business processes. The benefits can be quantitative by automating manual actions wherever possible and appropriate, as well as qualitative by guiding users in the right direction within the process to always act in compliance with regulations.

Currently, the following templates are available: