About Us - Creetion

Creetion is a high-end ICT service provider with a strong focus on SAP and OutSystems technology, Process Orchestration, Business Process Management and IT architecture.

We have been active since 2008 and have continuously grown while maintaining our focus. Since April 2011, Creetion is official SAP Service Parter (technology). In 2016, Creetion became also an official OutSystems Partner.

We help our customers achieve their business goals by streamlining processes and making them flexible. By always doing this under architecture, we protect IT investments and we can realize future-oriented solutions. Creetion is ambitious: we focus on the top 500 companies in the Netherlands and want to demonstrably contribute to their success.

We take responsibility for results and ensure that all necessary disciplines are available for the realization and implementation. From this background, we give our employees every opportunity to develop themselves further through training and certifications.

SAP Solutions

The SAP competence within Creetion is very broad. We have knowledge of various back-end modules within SAP, but also of SaaS products and (in particular) how to achieve integration with them.


Creetion specializes in OutSystems, one of the world’s leading development platforms with which much faster, better (mobile) applications can be built.