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Creetion specializes in OutSystems, one of the world’s leading development platforms that can be built much faster, better (mobile) applications. We realize faster “first time fit” solutions for our customers. 


We are ready to analyze improvement in your business and here to find solutions.  Often automation plays an important role and we can make the solution itself using OutSystems. OutSystems by our certified consultants have expertise in the field of architecture and integration. This allows us to not only quickly create excellent solutions for you, but we can also ensure that they are integrated into your existing application landscape.

With our customers, we recognize an increasing need to make faster, better (mobile) applications that integrate with SAP or other back office / legacy systems. Therefore, we have long sought a platform that we can meet these customer needs. With OutSystems we have found that development- / deployment platform. And we’re very excited about that!


OutSystems not only offers the possibility to easily integrate with SAP or other existing systems, it is even possible to add custom code. In addition, we can build applications visually (together with our customers) and then automatically test and deploy them. This can reduce the time required to deliver your software by a factor of 4 to 6!


Many companies continue to run complex business processes on legacy legacy applications. So, given this complexity, how do those organizations ensure rapid innovations to stay competitive?


The speed and flexibility of OutSystems make this platform more than suitable for further (incrementally) shaping the digital transformation and thus innovation of your company. Systems that are usually not distinctive for business operations, for example an HR system, do not need to be rebuilt; a standard component or package is sufficient there. But with OutSystems it becomes easier to supplement or replace other legacy applications faster. Preferably in an Agile environment, where for example Scrum is worked, because this is where this platform comes into its own. Conversely, the use of OutSystems can also contribute to the further implementation of this and other modern ways of working, such as DevOps.

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Over the years, Creetion has developed a number of products and services to serve customers in various industries. In addition to our SAP related products, Creetion developed a number of SaaS products. These products are maintained by Creetion and equipped with new functions based on their own roadmaps. These OutSystems related products, together with the main services provided by our OutSystems consultants, are further explained below.


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