Digital Supply Chain - Creetion

Modernization of your Supply Chain with intelligent and predictive processes, real-time insight becomes data on all links in your chain, costs and processes. This allows for better reliability, quality and flexibility.

Realize an excellent customer experience

Fast delivery, communication and returns; More relevant with or without e-commerce than ever.

Saving costs

What price is your customer plan to pay? How to set up an efficient and cheap production and districting?

Market risks

Politics or economic changes have effect on world trade and your suppliers. How do you play in this?

Supply planning, management and optimization of your production

SAP S / 4HANA offers a wide support for Supply Chain processes. With an additional integration of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to perfectly align supply and demand in every step of the chain. Improve the lead times and service levels to build a resilient supply chain.

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Integrated Manufacturing Execution

By setting up a smart & efficient production process, a better balance between raw materials and finished products. This creates an optimization of the capacity planning, results in lower stocks and reliable deliveries.

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Realtime IoT- and manufacturing analytics

Every company wants to make decisions based on reliable information. By linking assets, people and processes to each other based on real-time intelligence, from digital IoT platform services, a new world will open.

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