To the Efteling with the whole family - Creetion

All of Creetion went to the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel with partners and children. It was a super fun family day! Gather at 10 o’clock in front of the entrance to the most beautiful amusement park in the Netherlands (or perhaps even in Europe). There the children were immediately given what they love: a bag of candy.

The weather was good and access was well organized. No long lines, but straight through and straight into the park. And despite the fact that it was organized on a Saturday at the weekend, the lines were not too bad.

To make everyone happy, it was organized in such a way that everyone had the freedom to define how they wanted to fill in this day. Some people went out with groups of colleagues, whom they got to know even better that day and in a different setting. Team building at its best! Others chose to focus more on the family after weeks of hard work. And still others did so with several families together.

It is striking how easily children (who do not or hardly know each other) get along and adapt to a new setting. Some adults can take an example from this and learn from it. Adventurously, most kids wanted to go into all the attractions. The harder and more spinning and spinning the better. Unfortunately, some of the children were still too young or rather too small for a number of attractions. Safety above all else, but that didn’t spoil the fun. Something for every age: from the fairytale forest to the Python, from the Baron 1898 to Villa Volta and from the Ravelijn show to the Carnival Festival.

Time flies when you’re having a good time and so it was soon lunch time: a nice greasy bite with a drink. Then quickly back into the park to experience more attractions: Vogel Rok, Pirana, Dream Flight …. Too much to do in one day. Or simply eat and drink on a terrace with colleagues. The day flew by and gradually everyone went home satisfied. Awaiting the next Creetion event!

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