SAP Process Orchestration - Creetion

Business Process Management is both a management discipline and a technology platform. In both meanings, Creetion provides best practices and consultancy. The strength of BPM lies in the continuous improvement of processes. BPM can be used to solve bottlenecks in business processes, but also to develop top-down incremental best practice models.


Together with the customer, we design and build optimally equipped end-to-end processes based on SAP technology. As many manual steps as possible are avoided and the end user is supported in his / her role.


SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management is the platform with which structured business processes based on rules and user interaction are executed carefully and without errors.

SAP CASE MANAGEMENT (NetWeaver Folder Management)

Usually in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver BPM, we use NetWeaver Folder Management as a means to steer case-based business processes. This solution is especially suitable for those business processes that do not run according to a fixed linear flow, but are more flexible and unpredictable.


Based on the SAP Workflow platform, Creetion provides tailor-made solutions for streamlining and automating your business processes.

Save time and increase ease of use by modeling your processes with SAP Workflow. The result is an unambiguous, efficient and guaranteed continuous process.