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SAP Business Technology Platform is the technological foundation and Cloud solution from SAP providing the agility to build innovative applications and solutions supporting your business processes. Most important is the ability to oversee the process and retain value from data. SAP Business Technology platform enables you to respond to challenges quickly and with agility, to increase your business value and align with your company’s strategic goals.

“SAP Business Technology Platform is the technological foundation for all SAP applications and the Intelligent Enterprise. Customers can achieve agility, business value and continual innovation through integration, data to value and extensibility of all SAP and third-party applications & data assets” – SAP

With SAP Business Technology platform, you can easily build, integrate or extend applications. Integrate with suppliers, partner ecosystems or your own system landscape both cloud, on-premise or hybrid. SAP Business Technology Platform provides services which can be used within your application grouped by “database and data management“, “analytics“, “application development and integration“, “intelligent technologies“. Even services from third parties can be integrated easily. All based on an infrastructure provided by SAP data centers or hyperscaler of your choice.

Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

Why do we need SAP Business Technology Platform? What is added value? Simple answer, its SAP technological foundation for the future. All future application and integration development will be supported by SAP Business Technology Platform expected that the SAP backend systems as we all know became more and more a “Black Box”. Why? Probably because the integration of systems and the amount of data is growing and it has become more important to retrieve value from data. That requires a technological foundation to build innovative applications and enables the organization to respond quickly and with agility.

Important key values

Working with SAP Business Technology Platform

As a SAP consultant, nowadays, we can’t explain to others that you are only an ABAP developer, Integration specialist or Front-end developer. You have to become a Full-stack Application Developer in order to work with SAP Business Technology Platform and help the organizations to achieve their higher goals. The high dynamic environment increased the need for versatile consultants. When you can find yourself in this picture, when you are creative, flexible and able to think out-of-the-box, you might agree that Creetion is the company you are searching for. A simple contact can help you grow in your personal development to become the next Full-stack Application Developer.