Process Mining - Creetion

As of April 21, 2016, Creetion Consulting is a Partner of Celonis. This German company provides innovative solutions in the field of Process Mining, which can be used to monitor and analyze business processes in real time based on event logs.

Process Mining does not start from predefined process designs, but analyzes processes as actually performed in the IT systems. In addition, it becomes clear in detail how the processes run, which variants really exist in the process and in which cases there is a deviation from an optimal process flow. Celonis’ software makes it possible to fire complex questions on the process data in real time, thereby detecting inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and deviations from the applicable process controls.

In the past, it was very complex to uncover in large (SAP) IT landscapes how business processes were actually carried out. This is now easily possible with Celonis.

As a consultancy company, Creetion has a strong focus on process optimization. For all our customers, Creetion improves the quality, measurability and efficiency of the business processes through BPM, Case Management, KPI Dashboards and now also Process Mining with Celonis.

As a Consulting Partner, Creetion can support these organizations in the installation, configuration and implementation of Celonis Process Mining. From the primary process optimization focus, Creetion provides in-depth knowledge of and experience with the important process chains in various industries