Flowable - Creetion

With Flowable, Creetion has a new and robust opportunity to orchestrate processes. As a Flowable partner, we help customers automate business processes via BPM, focusing on rapidly developing business processes to a high-performance and robust solution

Flowable is a highly-scalable BPM and case management solution to automate business processes. We can use flowable to customers to run processes that perform actions, retrieve and save data, link systems to each other, and turn the user tasks and other things that are required in a process chain.

Flowable is the connecting factor between all these options and ensures that there is a good and clear picture of which steps a process goes through.

This also ensures much manoeuvrability, for example: Changing the order in BPM is to change the order in your automation. The product is extremely fast and reliable, which can be of great importance for customers. This also includes a piece of modern infrastructure, with Flowable Engine Nodes Stateless so that much better can be scaled. This is also one of the reasons that we use a modern infrastructure as code (terraform) set up at one of our largest customers who work with flowable.

We apply flowable within an ecosystem of solutions, such as a case database, integration platform, document management system, etc. An entire environment (for example a test environment) can be realized within hours instead of weeks.