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To be able to make the right strategic decisions, organizations need good information and reliable management reports. SAP offers all kinds of tools and handles for collecting and consolidating relevant data.

With S/4HANA we see developments in user-friendliness (process thinking), the look and feel (with the Fiori interface), different real-time analysis options (Universal Journal and dashboards) and flexibility and manoeuvrability of the system (adding dimensions).

Most organizations are located in the middle of a digital transformation. Finance cannot remain in this development.


S/4HANA offers an accelerated route to a streamlined and centralized financial function, integrated business planning activities and more flexible and timely analyzes.

SAP Central Finance offers the solution to make transactions from multiple systems in real-time to a central system, which effectively centralized financial reporting and transaction processing.

More about SAP S/4HANA

Critical speed

For many companies, financial solutions are linked to rigid, static legacy systems, which can be an obstacle to turning and supporting the new business models that are needed to thrive in today’s challenging market.

Knowing more?

Business needs

To help you come up with possibilities and deliver effective solutions that are made possible by SAP S/4HANA, we bring experience that is specific to your industry, deeply profound to understand what you distinguish and how you can do your business Improve and manage the change to achieve transformation.

Creetion throws a critical look at your business processes and their impact on your organization, where we focus on your customer and business partners and the steps that you can help to increase your competitive advantage.

Based on that insight, we adjust our approach to help you find out your business processes, simplify user experiences and speed up value.