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I started my career as a biological scientist and obtained my MSc. degree in human physiology specializing in in vitro cancer research from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. After changing my direction and gaining some experience in software testing and requirements management for nuclear and civil engineering projects, I found my passion in software development.

I like working with OutSystems because it enables fast, flexible application development while maintaining a high level of control and adaptability. The low-code approach allows the developer to focus on business processes and logic rather than syntax, helping customers get more value faster.

OutSystems also has a great community of developers who are always ready to solve practical or conceptual problems. During the 3 years since I started on the OutSystems platform, I have been developing applications for the Automotive and Fintech industries.

I am fascinated by the elucidation, description and design of complex, integrated systems and I believe that advances in information technology and biotechnology will fundamentally change human society in the near future. I want to be part of this change by helping to deliver practical, useful and high-quality applications to our customers.

I think the Netherlands is a beautiful country, full of history and culture. The fact that my ancestors come from the Netherlands (moved to South Africa around 1701) makes the connection with this country even more personal for me. After previously living in Alkmaar for a short period, I came back in January to further broaden my experience here, and also to improve my Dutch.

When I spoke to the Creetion staff about taking a job here, I immediately recognized the fact that they shared my passion for doing things right. Add to that the company’s diverse client and project base, the opportunity for personal growth and learning from more experienced developers from different backgrounds, and I had to accept the job.

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