Creetion goes to One Conference Lisbon 2023 - Creetion

During the days of 12 and 13 of September, Creetion employees from both Portugal and the Netherlands had the opportunity to attend the Outsystems One Conference held at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon. 

The event consisted of presentations on a wide range of new concepts and tools recently launched by Outsystems, as well as a deeper understanding of existing features (especially the ODC tool) and a preview of what lies ahead for Low-Code technology in the near future, bearing in mind the ever-increasing number of tools and innovations in the world of technology. 

In addition, our employees had the opportunity to improve their technical skills, test new features, take part in activities to win prizes and connect with one of the world’s fastest-growing, most innovative and energetic technology communities as well as its various collaborators and partners.

The conference began with a morning filled with content, presented by Outsystems’ own CEO, Paulo Rosado, and with a theme that we’ve all been thinking about recently: 

How will Artificial Intelligence and Low-Code interact with and shape the future of IT and all its professionals? 

We then had the opportunity to learn about and test the new features, integrations and innovations available in Outsystems

Later, all the participants had a lovely lunch and the chance to get to know some of the partner companies on a more informal level, with a series of games and challenges full of prizes. 

After the lunch break, our employees and the rest of the participants had a series of sessions on various technological aspects in the different rooms of the Belém Cultural Centre. The sessions were presented by experts from different areas and were always followed by a time for questions and answers both at the end and in a common “1 to 1” after each presentation. 

Using the Outsystems One mobile app, our employees had the opportunity to see in advance where, when and what topics were going to be covered and, from there, create their own agenda with the topics that best suited what they wanted to know and delve into.

The first day ended at the Belém Cultural Centre with the end-of-day ceremony and the presentation of awards to the Outsystems community members who have stood out the most over the last year. 

During the evening, participants had the chance to relax and unwind at the exclusive After Party, organised by Outsystems, at the famous Lisbon nightclub Rive Rouge, with free entry and an open bar. 

On the second day, as was the case on the afternoon of the first, employees and other attendees were once again able to attend and deepen their knowledge at the various presentations of an almost endless range of tools, concepts, integrations and procedures, as well as having the opportunity to get to know each other, create connections and discuss ideas.

All in all, the One Conference was a great benefit for all the Creetion employees who attended it. 

On the technological side, it was a unique opportunity to discover and deepen knowledge about all the new concepts and state of the art Outsystems developments, as well as to gain a better understanding of what to expect in the near future from the ever-changing world of technology. 

From an interpersonal point of view, this conference was an important milestone in building and solidifying relationships between the Creetion Portugal and Netherlands employees present, as well as enabling them to acquire new links with the most diverse employees from all other companies attending the event. 

Furthermore, especially for employees who don’t know the city, Lisbon, Outsystems’ founding headquarters, is an incredible host with its fantastic cuisine, welcoming people and, of course, spectacular places to visit and stages built to host this type of event. 

A unique and fantastic experience in every sense of the word that we, the ones who attended it, recommend to all our colleagues to come and take part in, and an opportunity to which we are very grateful for.

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