DSP connector - Creetion

The DSP connector is actually the beating heart of the modules that communicate with and via DUP with each other and the outside world. Creetion has developed its own “service bus”, which allows all interfaces to receive and send DSP messages (for both contractors and network operators).

We use the same technology for customer-specific connections between DUP modules (such as the routing engine (link)) and other systems. With this solution, messages are received and translated to the desired format of both recipient and sender in the chain.

This technical tour de force is licensed separately and can therefore be purchased as a service independently of the DUP solution or 1 of the modules. The messaging, the software versions, protocol updates and failure monitoring are maintained by Creetion and provided with all functional and technical updates.

The basis for the development lies in the micro-service technology, with which we are able to scale indefinitely in case the number of messages varies in number and / or volume. We offer an integration solution that offers unprecedented flexibility and performance. This at a very competitive price.

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