Consultancy - Creetion

In addition to managing and executing complete OutSystems projects, many customers who already have an OutSystems license and / or (external) OutSystems developers ask for extra capacity. The OutSystems developers that Creetion provides are initially consultants and all OutSystems certified.

In our view, the development process is accelerated with low code software development, but the distance between the needs-providing business department and the software-supplying IT department is also reduced. The IT supplier will initially need to clarify the requirements of the business before (immediately) starting to build software. This is the domain of the consultant who provides a greater understanding between business and IT. Our consultants then build the software in OutSystems themselves.

Based on various best practices, Creetion has developed its own development methodology in which our consultants are trained. Creetion also trains students who, after they have been trained in OutSystems, carry out internship / graduation assignments with clients who want to get acquainted with our consultancy services.