Sensor en GPS Fieldservice: METIOR - Creetion

This innovation offers a solution (s) to create user-friendly digital sketches (revisions) on a surface. Instead of manual sketching (both inside and outside), the routes are measured with a specially developed system based on GPS and motion sensors. This solution can be used for AGA work, but can also be used more widely for other sketch work in the field. The basis of the solution is a specially selected GPS pole (the NET-GPS from the supplier Unovica). This device is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional suppliers and offers very high accuracy (accuracy from 1 to a few cm is very common).

Creetion has provided and refined the specifications to develop the API of the device, so that our applications connect seamlessly to this GPS.

However, the measurement application is completely disconnected and can also be connected to existing GPS devices, as long as they support a connection. The developed software components are designed in a modular way, so that they can be implemented as a library (raw data collection) as well as plugin (basic functions) and as an application within your business processes.

We also deliver a version for the Trimple and we continuously develop new versions and applications.

The reference point is determined with the accurate GPS position, after which, depending on the building, the meeting can be continued with the GPS pole or switched to the motion sensor. Creetion has a formal partnership with the supplier of this device (Moasure) and has worked as a development partner on the link to exchange the measurement data between the measurement device and the Creetion measurement application. We are an official reseller of this product and are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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