DUP Routing Engine - Creetion

The routing engine has been developed as an extra service to be able to combine systems and parties that play a role in the implementation process with one of the DUP modules or within the DUP total solution. With this solution, customer-specific ERP systems, planning systems, financial systems, etc. can be integrated with the solutions offered by Creetion.

The solution can also be used to give actors outside their own business operations and with their own resources a role within specific parts of the process. For example, subcontractors can be integrated and this module facilitates the possibility of processing information from other systems and integrating it into the formal message exchange with the clients.

Conceptually, the routing engine provides a staging environment to route and orchestrate messages between different actors. The solution can be used to quickly deploy existing legacy systems for new integrations (for example to DSP) and to simplify the transition to a target architecture (read more about this in reference case; Stam & Co)

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