AGA Koppeling - Creetion

The contractor is increasingly required to perform and deliver work orders delivers the work performed digitally. In particular when it comes to groundwork, it is important to be able to make a sketch, on which the route and the technical details of the connections are indicated. Where this is traditionally drawn in manually with GIS applications, modern technology offers a solution for entering the data directly “on the pit” using various measuring solutions (see also Creetion measuring solutions).

Specifically for DSP commands, Creetion has developed a standard interface, with which messages can be exchanged with external drawing packages such as SPIE and GoMapForms. The coupling is of course also supplied with Creetion’s own DUP measuring solutions (link).

The added value of the link lies in the possibility to integrate the information in its own process in a standardized manner, so that a technical validation of the DSP protocol or, on the contrary, its own specific validations, which must be safeguarded from internal guidelines or contract agreements, for example. because otherwise there will be rejection and / or cancellation of assignments (with inefficiency and / or negative financial consequences as a result).

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