Creetion in Portugal - Creetion

Creetion celebrated its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, we went to Portugal with the whole company. We were with most of the company and it was great!

After arriving in Lisbon we went straight to the hotel to unpack! We had a busy schedule of activities, which meant that we wouldn’t spend time doing nothing, but kept busy and at the same time really enjoy what the city has to offer including good food, good views and most importantly good company! Speaking of good food, our first dinner was at the very famous and busy ‘Bairro Alto’ in the city center where there is no shortage of restaurants to choose from. We ate in a very traditional ‘Fado’ restaurant, where the great food and drink was accompanied by live singing! What a night! After the delicious dinner we all went for a drink with the whole team, at a very nice party at a ‘Building top’! Here we all just enjoyed nice music and drinks.

On the second day, besides some free time to discover the city on our own, we had a nice dinner next to the river ‘Tejo’, or ‘Taag’ in Dutch, the main river in Lisbon! We had a really nice evening with everyone, with some speeches from the founders of Creetion and afterwards good food and a game of ‘Who’s the killer’! After dinner we went back to the center to get to know another part of Lisbon, where the nightlife is relaxed and varied!

On the third day the sailing took place, with the beautiful serene and warm weather, no better way to enjoy Lisbon, from the perspective of the river! This was a very relaxed afternoon of a real summer’s day!

In summary, Creetion’s 10th anniversary was a success, an experience the company offered to everyone in it! And a very good experience for everyone, to get to know each other a little better while enjoying the summer getaway that is Portugal!

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