Creetion goes diving - Creetion

A diving clinic for Creetion employees was organized in the Merwestein swimming pool in Nieuwegein.

Underwater everything is of course slightly different than we are used to; there is no oxygen, you cannot talk, the pressure on your body changes and you ‘float’ through the water, as it were. Of course, that takes some getting used to when you do it for the first time. Before going into the water, we were therefore introduced to the theory of the sport.

Ruud Wanders is a certified diving instructor with a lot of experience. He explained to us everything about the underwater world and the equipment that you use. In order to communicate with each other underwater, we also learned the most important international hand gestures. After this introduction we quickly moved on to the fun part.

When we arrived at the pool we all put on the diving gear and went into the water. Here we first practiced some important basic techniques such as breathing through an air cylinder, descending and ascending using the BCD and equalizing your ears. When everyone was a bit comfortable we could really start. We went deeper down and played different games there to practice with the changed circumstances. One of those games, for example, was throwing a Frisbee. That was a lot more difficult than expected!

After the diving clinic we went to the cafe together to talk about our experience, while enjoying a drink and bitterballen.

In addition to being a fun activity, this staff outing was also very useful for team building. Communicating with sign language is more difficult, you sometimes have to pay more attention to body language and facial expressions to understand each other. Learning together, discovering the underwater world together and helping each other, but above all having fun together. These elements ensure a stronger bond with your colleagues. Pleasant colleagues will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. As a result, we can all continue to deliver top quality to our customers, every day.

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