Creetion explores Dubrovnik - Creetion

Recently, our company took a business trip to Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Croatia. With around 40 colleagues, we spent 4 days and 3 nights exploring the city and its surroundings.

From the moment we arrived, we were in awe of Dubrovnik’s stunning architecture and rich history. The city is surrounded by ancient walls that offer breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains. We started our trip with a sunset dinner at the seaside while admiring the view of Lokrum, an island near Dubrovnik. Afterwards we explored the nightlife Dubrovnik has to offer.

The main highlight of our trip was sightseeing the historic old town, which is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. We explored the narrow cobbled streets, marveling at thebeautiful buildings and historical landmarks.

In addition to exploring the city, we also took a tour to the top of a nearby mountain where we drove around in some buggy’s. Afterwards we visited the nearby Museum of Croatian War of Independence, which was very interesting.
Overall, our business trip to Dubrovnik was an unforgettable experience. We not only had the opportunity to network with our colleagues, but we also got to immerse ourselves in the city’s rich culture and history. We are already looking forward to our next trip!

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